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Binged Watched A Little “Chopped”

Many of us who love cooking and food can’t help but get sucked into a good episode or two of a cooking show or reality cooking show.  Last night I had that happen to me again.  I use to love Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsey may have been a lil harsh, but he could help develop a great chef.  back to last night, sorry  Gordon, but I got sucked into “Chopped” for the night.  It was like a mini version of Hell’s Kitchen but with less confrontation or yelling and I didn’t really see a head chef on the floor to answer to.  No yes chef or that come on…  Just saw a panel of judges, kind of like America’s Got Talent, or American Idol, but for the cook.  The thing I loved the most about the show was how it was similar to some of the fun challenges on Hell’s Kitchen where chef’s competed for the extra goodies or the daunting task of cleaning a disastrous kitchen.  Instead it was a completion to avoid being chopped off the chopping block.  I liked seeing how these cooks or chef’s if you will were given a few ingredients and asked to come up with a dish, whether it be a desert, and entrée.  Meat, poultry, seafood it didn’t matter, to see the creativity of some of the chef’s was amazing to see.  I liked the idea of someone handing you a bunch of things and saying, come up with a dish.  Free rain to be creative and make a dish that appeals to many taste buds is incredible… of course at times it backfired on some chef’s…  but what show would or could hold an audience if there wasn’t a little controversy…  I guess good drama can make good television.  Anyways, I watched all I could before I couldn’t stay up anymore as work was calling.  As I was laying in bed, I was thinking of a trip to the grocery store, perhaps I would pick up a few items on my own, or perhaps make a chopped challenge for myself to blog about in the future.  Thinking it would be a great idea to blog about a chopped challenge that of course I will accept, to take the same ingredients from one show and make my own spin on a dish.  I’ve got to do this!!!  An at home “chopped challenge!!”  Now to find the motivation to go to the grocery store… I will in the near future.  An at home chopped challenge is on!!  Just have patience as I may blog about a few other things first… but if you don’t see it… remind me…  I want and will do an at home chopped challenge!!!  I won’t post any video for this at least not at first, but I will post photos of my dish for sure and what my dish and spin was.  I can’t wait!!