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Kentucky Fried Chicken $5 fill ups | The Everything Food

Kentucky Fried Chicken $5 fill ups

Well, I said The Everything Food is a blog all about food, and most of us out there no matter who we are sometimes just breakdown and go for fast food.  My stop was Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Now, I’m not knocking other fast food restaurants, for most of us there are so many factors that come in to play… time of day…  craving of food…  convenience of location, perhaps maybe even speed of services,  or just what the kids want, but for whatever reason we choose it.

I chose KFC’s $5 fill up, because really it’s a good “bang for your buck” so to speak.  I was craving chicken and night, so I went for it.  I got the chicken tender $5 fill up.  First of all you get a medium soft drink of your choice, and I don’t mean alcohol, but you get a soda.  Most places now, a soda alone can add cost to any meal so that was definitely a plus for the fill up they offered.  Inside there was 3 pieces of chicken tenders which was good, but to be honest that particular night for some reason they seemed a lil more spicy than usual, but nothing a lot of ketchup couldn’t help with.  I guess it’s possible they could’ve tweaked the recipe a lil somehow or got a new supplier, but I find that hard to believe where the recipe has stood the test of time this long.  Maybe a batch was not stirred as much or someone wasn’t doing a proper quality check, who knows.  Inside I also got potatoes…  My biggest complaint is always that there is never enough potatoes, but really it’s not a complaint as much as a love for potatoes.  With the amount of food with a soft drink they give you, not to mention a biscuit and a cookie…  The value is there hands down!  I guess my only other complaint about KFC is the fact that most share a menu with Taco Bell and I love tacos, but managed to finally avoid them on this trip.  The biscuits are really good when they are fresh, I just wish they would come up with a better butter package than a squeeze butter spread.  I also think it would be a nice touch if they included a knife in the package with butter so you didn’t have to ask, but I’m sure it’s a cost saving tactic.  Just if you forget and are away from KFC you may not be happy when you realize there is no butter and no knife.  The cookie was good, no shortage of chocolatey taste or chocolate chips.  I do like how they wrap it in separate packaging to help keep it warm, and keep it from making a mess.   Really, if you are hungry and are on a budget for whatever reason and strapped for time, overall the $5 fill up is a good choice.  Of course I’d trade in my biscuit and cookie for more potatoes and gravy…  Well…  maybe not the biscuit.