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Quick and Easy Easter cup cakes Easter | The Everything Food

Quick & Easy Easter Cupcakes

Nowadays many of us have a lot of demands put on us as well as time constraints, so I wanted to try and come up with a quick and easy Easter cupcake that would be fun to do with the kiddos.  Of course I figured the decorating would be the fun part that would keep my kids interested and I was right.  So I started this little mini project by trying to come up with a fast and easy method.  So to start I planned on cupcakes, and picked up a Pillsbury purely simple chocolate cake & cupcake mix and read the back on what I needed and picked that up.  3 eggs, a stick of butter, and a cup of milk.   I then picked up some whoppers mini robin eggs and some Russell Stover mini chocolate rabbits, iddy biddy bunnies to be exact.  Some cupcake pans, cupcake paper, and a container of Betty Crocker green cake icing.  Last but not least a container to mix it all in.



I started by following the directions on the back which was pretty straight forward and simple.  If I recall correctly, it was just add 3 eggs, a cup of milk, a stick of butter and the cake and cupcake mix and stir.  2 hours with a machine, of course I had to do it the old fashioned hard way and stir with a fork an spoon just to feel like I cheated less, and to be honest I don’t think I really stirred much more than 20 min or so.  Keep in mind I was going for quick and easy.    Although I do have to mention that I microwaved the stick of butter in a bowl for 45 seconds and stirred it and let it set for about 45 seconds to fully melt.  After I mixed it, I turned on the oven to preheat to 350 degrees while I placed the cupcake liners into the muffin/cupcake pan.   I then proceeded to add the cupcake mix, careful to put only to fill the cupcake liners to just about 1/2 full.  I then dropped the tray on the counter a few times to settle them in, a trick I picked up from my mother and remember her doing that whenever she baked a cake or cupcakes.  When the oven was up to temp, 350 degrees, I put the cupcakes in, it called for @12-15minutes, but I found mine took @16 min.  I then took them out of the oven to test them with a knife to see if they were cooked all the way through.  If the batter was cooked, I knew none of the batter would stick to the knife when I poked the knife through the cupcake and it didn’t.   I then left the cupcakes out to cool @15 to 20 min.


Then it was time for the fun part… decorating!!!   We used a can of Betty Crocker decorating cake icing in a ready can.  The tip with the 6 lines or to be technical 3 big lines that intersected to make six.  The green worked great as plan and looked like grass… then the iddy biddy bunnies were added, the whopper eggs.  My daughter had so much fun!!  Was great spending time together!  And we both had so much fun.  Just I know life and work can be demanding, but to find a quick and easy project to do together is well worth it for any parent.    I know it can be easier buying cupcakes, but just think of all the fun you are missing with your kids.