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Famous Dave's BBQ Scarborough, Maine | | The Everything Food

Famous Dave’s BBQ Scarborough, Maine

So as we walked into Famous Dave’s it has a southern style somewhat. I noticed some great specials for food specials that were reasonable and affordable, but disappointed to say the least to discover that you had to sit at the bar to get the specials, not something geared for the family. Restaurant lost points there for me. Looking at the menu, they had some reasonable prices for burgers, but I still thought the menu was a little prices, as even for just burgers, with beverages a family would shell out about $50.00. We opted for the family feast that fed up to six people. The price was around $65.99 if I remember correctly. Drinks not included, which is still pricey for a family of four, but more reasonable than trying to order the same items separately or separate meals. Don’t get me wrong the food was pretty good, but I feel Buck’s Naked BBQ offers more of an authentic BBQ flavor. They had several sauces at the table, but hands down the best sauce they had was the rich & sassy sauce. I was disappointed that we were never offered butter or had butter available to us. To be honest the waitress didn’t check on us enough to ask and I stopped waiting for her to come around as our meal would’ve been cold. Our corn muffins not pictured, didn’t come out with our meal, but she dropped them off and left in a hurry before we had a chance to ask. Just, I like butter on my corn on the cob and butter on my corn muffins. Not like I’m a butter fanatic by any means, I actually use it sparingly, so when its a few things you eat that you actually want butter with, it’s a disappointment to not have any on the table or to be offered. The beef brisket was good and delicious but to be honest the portion was really small, there was enough for 4 thin slivered pieces the size of a finger but cut really thin. The rib portion was better but assuming because of the difference in price. The ribs were good and tender. it also had two halves of chicken, they were good, but to be honest, for chicken you are getting at a famous so called BBQ I thought it was pretty bland. To be honest most of the cooking was pretty bland, unless you put sauces on it yourself that were left cold on the table. To be honest for a bbq restaurant that puts famous in the name, I was highly disappointed and don’t feel the restaurant lives up to having famous in the name.