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Looking Back To Save Money at The Grocery Store | The Everything Food

Tip to save money on the grocery bill

This day and age, things are becoming more expensive as a larger percent of us are still living paycheck to paycheck, but what can we do as consumers to stay one step ahead of the rising prices and costs?  During the depression, people had to look for ways to cutback and survive.  We are living in a generation where we feel like we are constantly being squeezed, but what can we do to give better nutrition to ourselves, our families, and our loved ones, I apologize to all the vegetarians, and vegans, as this tip is geared toward the meat lovers, but please be patient as there will be a tip for you as well.  One tip that I was reminded by my father recently, was to look for a roast in the meat department when they are on sale.  Years ago you could ask a butcher to grind a roast that was on sale instead of paying the rising hamburger price of $4.29lb and even $4.99lbs and upwards today, and buy that chuck roast or top round roast for $1.99lb instead of the overly inflated price of burger.  Now, a lot of supermarkets, smartened up and took out meat grinders not only to reduce the cost of equipment, reduce liability, reduce the risk of contamination which was a definite food and health safety issue.  The drawback, consumers are forced to pay those loan shark prices on meat.  So what can a consumer do?   How about keeping your mind off of burger and look to having that roast cut into stew by the butcher, which most will do, and now you are paying $1.99lb for that same overly inflated stew beef that was packed on the shelf.  We have been trained as people to streamline and buy just what’s in the package in front of us.  More and more people are losing their jobs to this streamlining.  Self checkouts just for one, and before long, soon the butcher will be streamlined out of most grocery stores.  A profession that once paid well.  The few butcher’s that are still left in grocery stores are there to help you, so why not seek those people out to assist you, it may help save someone’s job in an economy that is always looking to streamline an cut jobs.  Maybe it’s time we revert back to the way it was before, when people had time to give great customer service and not feel pressured to make unreasonable demands.  By going back, wouldn’t we be adding back jobs?  Think about how many jobs there use to be that no longer exist.  A door to door milkman, a paperboy or should I say paper person, or full service gas attendant, where someone was paid to pump gas for you?  There are many more jobs that could be found by looking back.  I guess it’s like that , joke not saying I agree with the joke, but the punchline,  that  if you play things backwards you get a lot back.  Your house, your job, your wife, your car.  And not to leave out the vegetarian or vegans, what can you do to save money on the grocery bill?  A tip so that I don’t leave you out.  Back to streamlining….  How many of you are in a hurry and grab a salad in a package and opt out of buying a fresh head of lettuce, putting a little effort to make your own lettuce mix.  Do you realize how much money you are paying a pound for those bags of lettuce?  Many of us go to work to make money, don’t you think it’s time to do a little work to keep that money?